A collaboration with Derma E

March 16, 2016

In December last year Claire from Derma E Skin Care approached me after seeing my cards at the "The Hidden Cafe" in Camberwell and asked if I would like to do a collaboration for a Mother's day promotion.  I was so delighted as at SketchMill we are all about collaboration.  My flamingo image was used on tote bags as an gift for Mother's Day with Derma E's Skin Care Product range.

I was also interviewed for Derma E's Vitality Magazine, I really enjoyed the questions about SketchMill from a business and entrepreneurial point of view.  As it has been a very steep learning curve for me turning a hobby to a real business.  My husband Chris got on board last October (five months ago), and help put some strategy and systems in place to grow the business. It is not easy working with your spouse as there is the inevitable disagreements and fights, but it is also very fun as we are both passionate about the growth of SketchMill.  Neither of us have been in the card, gift, print or retail industry so often we just guess our way through situations and ask heaps of questions along the way. We have, for example, even asked other sales rep what point of sales systems they use. We ask the store owners which images sell well on cards, and what their customers ask for.  I think the valuable thing I learnt is that it's okay to ask questions and people are generally very willing to help and offer advice.  

Having a business is equivalent to two full times jobs, for both of us. We are juggling so many roles: We are on the road most days doing sales or deliveries, we manage our own invoicing, we design, source suppliers, we do our own blogging and marketing, we manage the online store and on top of that we are parents to two beautiful, busy children.  Often we are up working till midnight.

I wouldn't have it any other way, to me it's similar to parenting, it's hard work at first but you know that it's worth it and you are nurturing something that is all yours and you love. Eventually we know it will get easier and we can sit back and enjoy the beautiful thing that we've created.

Here is the article that was Published in the Vitality Magazine.



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