Melbourne I love you

March 10, 2016

In 1979 I arrived in Melbourne from Vietnam with  my parents, brother and sister.  I was only four and the youngest of three children.  Coming from a humid tropical country where every day was 30 degrees, a Melbourne August day was freezing to us.  

We had spent three months in a refugee camp just off Malaysia following a traumatic experience at sea where our refugee boat was attacked by pirates and left without fuel and then being rescued by a Canadian oil tanker.  

We have never taken Melbourne for granted.  It is a city full of opportunities and diversity.  The friends we've attracted have been welcoming and open-minded people.  Melbourne is constantly morphing and embracing new ideas which is reflected in the interesting lane ways, landscape and architecture.  During my time as an Architect I have helped create modern buildings which challenge ideas and extensions that push the boundaries of the design brief.  

I love the juxtaposition of new against old.   I love that Melbourne is a city that needs to be discovered; the most interesting spaces are hidden.  I love the movement and colours and how people have looked at dead spaces as opportunities to bring life through street art. I love how cafes have squeezed themselves between buildings in lane ways.  

White night this year was a fantastic demonstration of how art has merged with Architecture.  It was so great to see different walks of life in the city to admire our traditional Aboriginal culture as well as celebrate our multiculturalism.   I find it very easy to illustrate Melbourne, in fact I keep finding more things I want to draw because I am very proud of Melbourne and eager to share my feelings through art.

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