Case Study - Driving sales Through 'Featured Artists'

April 07, 2016

Driving sales through ‘Featured Artists’

In a challenging retail environment, it is critical to come up with inventive strategies to engage with new customers and recapture the attention of your regulars. One such strategy is the concept of a ‘Featured Artist’.

In February 2016 Bic Walker, founder of SketchMill, is the featured artist at Paper Republic in Camberwell. Paper Republic are a high quality artisan store specialising in specialty papers, stationery, archival and presentation products from Australia and around the globe. For more information about Paper Republic see the website at

As part of the featured artist program at Paper Republic half of the shop window is dedicated to products from the current month’s artist. SketchMill supplied eight posters as well as cards and notebooks all of which feature Bic’s art. The posters all came from Bic’s ‘Melbourne I love you’ range while other products in the program included ‘Let’s go’ greeting cards and the newly released notebook range.

Paper Republic’s program is immensely successful and helps to drive a huge increase in sales, particularly for the artist featured. The program generates thousands of dollars in sales and increases revenue for the featured artist by 5 to 10 times the regular monthly amount.

Paper Republic is not the only retailer to employ this strategy. In the past similar success has been seen through featured artist programs involving SketchMill including Open Drawer in Hartwell and Ruby Tuesday in Ashburton.

If you are interesting in involving Bic or one of the other SketchMill artists in a featured artist program contact SketchMill on or 0411 248 049.



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